Dioramas are life-size three-dimensional viewing boxes that show animals in their environment. They were built with great care in natural history museums from the beginning of the 20th century to reconnect urbanized mankind with nature. An incredible depth was created through forced perspective, giving the viewer the impression of being able to see miles across a room. Smart, extremely beautiful but also artificial.
We do not only find these artificial windows on nature in museums. The old square viewing boxes now have a modern digital version. Much like dioramas, social media platforms use visual elements to give us a polished view of reality.
In many ways, modern society is disconnected from nature. With the advent of technology and urbanization, many people are spending less and less time outdoors, away from nature, and more time in artificial environments. This disconnection has consequences including a lack of appreciation for the beauty and importance of nature, a declining physical and mental health, and a diminished understanding of the complex relationships between humans and the natural world. It is important that people find ways to reconnect with nature.

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